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Home Devotion & Memory Passage

In an effort to help our families learn more of God’s Word together, we are offering a family devotion to use each week.
​A good time to have this devotion is after dinner or just before bed. Try to do it as a family. God also tells us to “hide his word in our hearts.”  That means to memorize the Word of God so that we can apply it to life situations. I am hoping that everyone in the congregation will learn this memory passage.  As a suggestion, read the passage through and then read it again, breaking it down in parts, asking the whole family to say each part together. On the following Sunday, the whole congregation will say the passage from memory.  We will hide God’s Word in our hearts together.

Love Shows! 

When Emma was sick, her brother, Zach, did many nice things for her.
But when she was better, he stopped being nice to her. “Zach, why can’t you be as nice to Emma now as you were when she was sick?”  Mother asked  him one day.

“I thought you told me that you loved her.”

“I do love her,” said Zach, “but Emma knows that without me being nice to her all the time.”

“But are you loving her when you aren’t nice to her?”  Mother asked.  
“Real love always shows itself.  It’s not enough to just say that you love someone.  You need to show it.”


“You mean I can’t love a person without doing something for them?”
Zach asked.
“Not without wanting to do something for the person you love,” Mother told him, “Tell me, did  Jesus show his love for people?
              “Yes, he did,” Zach admitted.


“Believe me,” said Mother, “If your love is real, it will show.  It will show itself in what you do.”
“Okay,” said Zach, and he decided he would try to love people by what he said and did. 


 Zach started saying please and thank you. 
​He tried to be more friendly and unselfish to Emma.
One day Emma told Zach, “You’re the nicest brother in the world.”


The Bible says that “Love must be sincere.”  It isn’t sincere unless it’s a willing act - something you want to do.  Sincere love shows itself in loving behavior, just as Jesus showed his love in what he did.

Let’s Talk

When was Zach nice to Emma? 
What wrong idea did Zach have when Emma was better? 
What did Zach’s mother tell him? 
How did Jesus show his love for us? 
What kind of love does God want us to have?  

Bible Memory Passage

“Love must be sincere.”  Romans 12:9 


Dear Jesus, please help us have a sincere love for other people, especially for those in our own home.  Forgive us the many times when haven’t show love to others.  Help us remember that real love shows itself in words and actions. In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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